Discover and Access Your Divine Feminine Power

An Online Course

July 29 - August 4

A seven-day online class for women who are ready to experience more passion and pleasure in their lives

Sensuality is about more than sex. It's how your Soul expresses pleasure through your physical body. But with out love and acceptance of who your as a woman and your journey, you can't access this divine power. When you learn how to access your Sacred Sensuality,

In this class you'll learn how to:

  • Listen to and trust your Intuition completely
  • Become comfortable in your own body and sexuality
  • Heal emotional traumas so you can learn to trust again
  • Communicate your needs and desires in and outside of the bedroom
  • Teach a man how to worship you
  • Discover your sensual super-powers and use them to drive him crazy
  • Accept and love the body you have
  • Release shame around your sexuality

The deets

This is an online group program. Once you sign up you will have access to the content for life on a private portal. You'll have daily videos, worksheets, prompts and all sorts of goodies to help you through the course and keep you engaged. I'll have three live coaching calls where you can ask questions and I'll be going through what to expect as you go.

Who this class is for

  • Women of Color - I discuss our specific experiences that no one gets unless you've walked in our shoes. (Not up for debate.)
  • Women who are ready to embrace your sensuality and have deeper more authentic and intimate relationships with a lover, themselves and the world.
  • Women who want to heal emotional pain that has shown up in the way they view themselves sexually.
  • Women who want to explore their sexuality and spirituality in a safe space.
  • Women who are open to learning new ideas and concepts about sensuality, sexuality and their bodies.

If you believe this is you then click the button below to sign up.