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You're supposed to be living an amazing life.

But somewhere a long the way you bought into the lie that as a black women, we aren't enough. We aren't pretty enough. We aren't smart enough. We are special enough. Our stories aren't  important enough.

In order to be loved we have to carry our burdens in silence and take what we can get from people and life. 

But you were told a lie and believed it.

As Black women, many of us have been taught to suffer alone and in silence. We were taught that we better learn to take care of ourselves because we can't rely on anybody but ourselves in this world. We learned that we earned our worth by giving to others and never asking for what we really wanted and needed.

This lie almost killed me.

It wasn't until I found myself suicidal and depressed that I realized  I had allowed shame and the expectations of others make me so small that I didn't want to live. My mother did her best, just like her mother did her best but I had to unlearn some hard lessons I learned about myself as a black girl. I had to learn how to love and accept myself unconditionally in order to reclaim my power and meaning for life.

Our strength is also a crown of thorns.

And the results have been catastrophic.

All the helping we do for others is actually destroying us. We are hurting ourselves mentally, physically and  and emotionally. The weight of our shame and guilt has kept us bound for too long.

But that was then. This is now!

It's time to be free.  It's time to learn to fill our own cup and drink from it first before we offer any to anyone.

It's time to be happy. Like over the moon, jump up and down, OMFG I'm so full...happy.

It's time to be pleased and supported and uplifted and, well let me just put it plain..worshiped.

You deserve to be treated like a straight up Goddess. Somebody, somewhere needs to be drinking your bath water out of a champagne glass.

There's only one problem.

You've forgotten all of these things.

You only remember the pain. You only remember how unloved you were by people who should have loved you.

You remember the mistakes you made and because of that, you constantly remind yourself of the price you must continue to pay.

You decided that you need to be punished and just like the good little girl that you are you're going to carry out that punishment until...

Until when exactly?

How long are you going to punish yourself?

How long are you going to allow others heap and toss their ideas of who you should be and how you should show up on the world on to your back?

How much longer are you going to take it? 

How much longer can you take it?

Aren't you tired of it yet?

Aren't you tired of giving and giving and giving and giving?

Aren't you tired of being afraid to ask for just an ounce of it back?

Aren't you tired of being afraid to show up in all my brilliance and beauty because someone will feel that I'm being or doing too much?

Aren't you tired of turning to the same people for support and acceptance only to be denied, again?

Aren't you tired of putting all your dreams and desires on hold all in the name of responsibility?

I love you sis, but I'm tired of it for you. I'm so tired of you not getting what you really deserve in life. I'm exhausted at watching you go through life unfulfilled and frustrated when I know that there is so much joy and passion for you in this world.

It's time to ask for more.

I am obsessed with helping women of color remember how worthy of love, support and absolute worship you matter what has happened to you or what you've been through.

I am over the moon, crazy about showing my sisters how to create a habit of self-love that turns their life into a dream come true

I am totally committed to teaching you how to ask for EVERYTHING you want and expect to get it.

This is why I created this baby here.

I was taught that we we know better we do better. You've spent a life time doing better for others and now it's your turn.

It's time to live with out apology.

What if you knew how to put yourself first with out feeling guilty.

Wouldn't it be great to ask for what you want and believe you deserve to have it?

How much happier would you be if passion and pleasure were your new normal?

What if you could learn this and start changing your life immediately.

Before I forget, let me introduce myself.

My name is Jennifer Arnise and I'm a Spiritual Wellness and Lifestyle coach for women of color who are ready to take back their lives and start living un-apologetically. I'm committed to the art of healing the wounds and and scars that we wear as badges of honor. I live for showing black women that our greatest strength isn't in being strong but in being tender and vulnerable so we can get all the the things we really want. I'm on a mission to make sure my sisters experience more joy, more passion, more support and more love. I started on my healing path over 20 years ago after a traumatic assault at 17 years old. I promised myself then that if I made it out of my Darkness of the Soul alive I would dedicate my life to showing other women who looked like me how to do the same thing. 

Is the Get Your Life 6-Week Mastermind right for you?

  • You feel obligated to make your family happy even if it means denying what you really want.

  • You have neglected your physical, mental and emotional health in order to show up for others.

  • You don't believe you deserve to have what you really want because of choices or decisions you've made in the past.

  • You want to learn how to do what's best for yourself with out feeling guilty.

  • You're finally ready to heal the pain of the past and move forward with your life

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