Hey ,Im Jennifer !


I teach busy black woman how to stop doing too much and asking for too little .

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i know you Got It Goin’on.You’ve mastered the art of juggling 20 things at once without ever letting one ball drop or breaking a sweat. you’re cool as a cucumber under pressure and everyone can always count on you.

but secretely you’re exhausted, frustrated and unfulfilled.

yup, everyone can count on you but who can you count on? do you even really trust anyone to help you even remember what it’s like to ask for help ? i didn’t think so.

you’ve been through a lot and you’ve learned how to rely on yourself and you’ve done pretty well but it’s starting to wear on you. No matter the success or accomplishment , it just feels like more shit to do and less time for you.


That’s where i come in !

i’m here to “ do a you on you”.

and you totally deserve it.

i’m here to let you know it’s time for you to stop running around like superwoman trying to do everything for every-dam-body and ending up exhusted and mad because

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Hey !

i’m Jennifer. I teach busy, black woman how to make joy a priority by healing their deepest wound and traumas.i know frm personal experiance that time doesn’t heal a damn thing. i didn’t begin healing until i did the real work to get past my pain.that’s when my life change for the better. i’m committed to working with women who are ready to change their lives so they can experiance more passion, purpose and pleasure than they’ve experianced.

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